Precision Rolling

Precision Rolling introduce their proven range of Flattening and Shaping Mills for ferrous and non-ferrous wire and strip.

The range of mills, ancillaries and services include:

  • Single and Multiple 2 High Stand Units and Lines
  • Powered and non-powered Edge Rollers
  • Vertical and Horizontal Drawing Blocks
  • Single and Multiple Turks Heads
  • Pay-offs and Spoolers
  • Spares, Service and Refurbishment
  • Machine Upgrades

Draw Block with Traversing Die Box

Flattening and Shaping Line

Mill Stand 300mm with Powered Edger

Four Stand Flattening Line

Six Roll Indentor

PC Strand Spooler

Precision Rolling offer a complete design, build, installation and after sales service. We are able to undertake designs to suit specific customer requirements or adapt our existing standard range.

Precision Rolling offer complete process lines with a range of control systems and automation to suit the requirements of the customer.